Crushing Your Tango


Today I have been inspired by this cute littlearticle I read over on Your Tango. They have some great little articles on Love, Dating and Sexiness. However this one in particular made me LOL (Laugh-Out-Loud)…

10 Things To Say To Your Coworker Crush

Why did it make me chucklelike school girl? (no not giggle…chuckle, damn it!!) Well now, I have to scold y’all for not paying attention!! I have a Crush…see that stuff here and here. And if you are too lazy to read the posts, my Crush is on Mr. BBG now known as Mr. Awesome (he named himself without knowing)and yes he’s my co-worker. We don’t work ‘together’ but we’ve sorta become friends thanks to our mutual Boss. And no I didn’t like him when I first met him…he just kinda grew on me like fungus or moss. No, he really is and that’s where the Crush came from and well it’s kinda funny now. But enough about him. Back to the article at hand.

I thought it was funny because it’s everything I would have done had I not entirely spilled the beans waaaayyy too early! Like Number 9, for example…9. “What’s on tap this weekend?” A great conversation starter, this can show your interest in his/her life outside of the office. It’s also a good way to search for commonalities that may lead to an invitation to join in on future weekend activities. I think I started doing this and didn’t really take it anywhere because of my lack of knowledge of what I was really doing. Honestly, I didn’t know there was a Crush building until one day it kinda side swiped me and left me wella little dumbfounded. Sure ask what he/she is doing…just know why you’re asking and then find a way to weasel your shit into theirs without being obvious and lame like me! I mean seriously, I had no idea why I really cared…and well, now I do. Yippee! (picture me jumping up and down in the office)

I wholeheartedly agree…find things you have in common! Personally, I don’t know that I have any of the Big Ticket items in common with Mr. Awesome. Nothing like in the past and I’m going to Overthink that one now, thank you very much! Although I think we both enjoyed the A-Team…oh, didn’t I tell you we went to the movies?Honestly, nothing to share…we went to the movies…sorry to disappoint…

Then there’s Number 4. “Wanna grab lunch?” Lunch is a daily opportunity for you to spend quality time together during the work day. If your crush repeatedly rejects your offer, that’s your cue to keep your emotions in check; if your innocuous invitation is accepted, you might want to look into your company’s workplace dating policy…while I am a savvy and smart on-line dater when it comes to actually knowing someone in real life I get Dumd-tarded. (new word…spread it) For serious, I get this ridiculous School Girl thing happening and it’s not all like Hawt Knee Highs and crap, it’s like I’m going to hit you and runaway stuff. Really, adorable on a 30-something…I know, right? But no, I think I volleyed for lunch post-helping with a project andeventuallygot offered a bag of chips? Umm, yeah I dumb-tarded like that. I have no game people. I am just another girl who is better with the Cyber-Dates and nothing when it comes to the reality.

And finally, my all time favorite one…Numero 1. “Would you be interested in joining me for…?” Dinner, a movie, a concert…name an event! If your crush has been joining you for coffee, lunch, happy hour, and spending the time to help you with your work, maybe you should just find the courage to ask them out on a date already. My question to me is what if they haven’t been doing all that stuff? What if you’re dumb-tarded like me and you have just been sitting on your thumbs watching yourself fall into Crush with someone Awesome you work in the vicinity of and you can’t really have and you know it but you’re still gonna do it? Umm, was that even a question after all or just a statement? I’m lost. HELP!

Me thinks my point has been made…this article has some great tips. If you have a Crush on anyone, whether you work with them or not I suggest you read it for inspiration! Take notes and learn from my mistakes. Try not to Crush on someone you really value so when the Crush starts to fizzle or Heaven Help us the Crush Crushes you then you aren’t desperately looking for a new job a la Bridget Jones (but for the record: no shagging happened here…drat!).


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