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Unity & the Bio Hill


In case you’re just joining the program…I am a single Mama. And when someone steps up and gives you a pat on the back for doing some good work, whether it’s sharing my experience via this blog or making a sound choice to exit a situation and not perpetuate the past, it feel damn good.

Recently, I was asked by the brilliant Mamas over at SingleMommyHoodto share their button on my Blog and be added to their amazing community of Single Parents who daily do it for the right reasons…our kids. I’m thrilled to share this honor with so many awesome parents who know what it’s like to wake up in the morning and get the opportunity to do it better than we did the day before. Woohoo!!

If you haven’t checked out the community please do!! It’s a great place to get answers to questions and share the joy and sometimes painful portions of starting over again.


To go along with that I’ve got another Bio Hill to climb. He has been fighting with me for weeks now about petty things and making sure to call me and chew me out. Last week it was an email, but today it was a phone call about transportation. In our paperwork it clearly states the Bio will provide transportation since his visitation falls during my work hours and it’s been this way since September 2008 when we had our first major mediation session. Well he now refuses to help me by dropping our Monkey off at my Parents House. In fact he called me today to tell me it was a closed topic and he would not be discussing it any further. Well the fact of the matter is that as of today I can’t leave work early anymore to pick up the Monkey across town, it just doesn’t work. I can’t lose this job. It’s not okay. In our last mediation session we addressed the issue of logistics and transportation and he said nothing about it. So we moved on and I figured with the new schedule in place it wouldn’t be an issue anymore….but alas I was wrong.

Ugh. These kinds of things don’t help the situation. It makes for a silly and terrible argument and we don’t get anything accomplished. And actually today he hung up on me…wow, mature. This drives me nuts. I work so hard to maintain a clear and even thought process when addressing him and Monkey issues but I don’t feel I get the same respect back at all. Alright, so what do I do? I wait. Wait until Friday when we have therapy and can discuss the topic on an open forum without him hanging up on me. That’s all I can do. I could call him back and yell at him for not hearing me, but what would that prove? Simply that I am not working at this and I am working at this one. For me, maybe that is why I am so irritated by the topic being an issue. There is no respect for me as a working parent from him. He knows I need to work. I’m a single Mom… this is the choice we made when I was 3 months preggers.

This whole thing makes me want to drown my sorrow over this in Cold Stone….bleh.

Single Parent feedback? Or not sooo single parent feedback?


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