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the Saturday out.


Last Saturday marked the first time my Mami has left the house for longer than a trip to the store. Officially she received a ‘clean bill of health’ for her noggin’ that is and we couldn’t be more proud of her. So the Monkey and I took her out for some Outlet Shopping and a day at the beach. The day was amazing. To see my Mami out and about and feeling good. I’ve been dying to get her out ofthe house and see her doing something…more.

I’ve always put my faith in my Mami. I’ve always believed she could so anything. So imagine my feeling when I saw her so frail and not dictating the world’s management. It was awful to worry that the woman who had run my life for so long would never run her own again. But to see her out with my Monkey gave me a renewed sense of hope in the faith that has been waning as of late.

It’s tough to know that my parents have been sooo in love with each other for the last almost 35 years…and to feel like that just isn’t ever going to happen for me. To find the kind of devotion that my parents have for each other would be like a mirage in the desert. Beautiful but just not real. My Dad stood by her and cared for her through every moment of recovery. And truly I am blessed. My family is amazing.

So, a simple day shopping for new shoes for the Monkey gave me something to think about…anything is possible, no matter how out of reach you might think it is.


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