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Mama’s Day Out.


Today has been beautiful.

Last night I got an email from Mr. Magic Kingdom with some clues leading to a Mother’s Day surprise and sort of sorry for having to leave town for work. Now keep in mind that we’ve technically had only one date and our second date got cancelled because of his leaving town for work. After I got through the riddles and clues, I figured out I was being treated to a afternoon at the spa for a much needed massage, facial and soak in some weird salts and stuff. It was three hours of bliss. It was the best thing to keep my mind off the Monkey-less Day. And it made me think about what I deserve. I’ve never been the kind of girl who looked for someone who could do for me. I’ve always been more comfy with doing for myself. Keeping everything on my side of the plate and not being okay with anyone else taking charge. So, yeah this is all new for me.

I deserve to have someone who thinks about me even when I’m not there. I deserve to have someone who wants me to have super great days like this. I deserve to get up in the morning and know that the person in my life is there no matter what the situation. And always will be.
Mr. MK has the ability to do for those he cares for…and right now, he’s trying to show me that he wants me to be one of those people. He doesn’t want to disappoint me or leave me hanging. He would’ve been here if he could. He even called my favorite Thai place and ordered me dinner for me and my Mom. Amazing man. He’s a planner (like me) and a giver (like me). He’s got something going on that is definitely worth exploring. Right?

Now me and the usual suspects in my head are waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m actually looking at the sky and checking to make sure that it’s not going to crush my little noggin. Should I just enjoy this and see where it goes? Umm, Rachel would say…YES!! I’m doing my best to not take this ridiculously cool gesture and turn it into something it was not. It wasn’t a dude trying to buy my love and impress me so that I would stick around. And yet, it’s happening in this loca chica’s brain.

I was treated to something. I was given a moment to stop and breath and enjoy it. This doesn’t happen.

So, I’m gonna have a glass of wine and wait for my goodnight call and make sure that I tell this groovie guy how much appreciate him taking the time to plan for Me.

Argh and so forth…come on girl!! Suck it up!!


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