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the Grandpa boy.


My Dad’s Birthday is today…he’s an amazing Dad. But even more amazing is the kind of Grandpa he is to the Monkey. They have this amazing bond that I can’t explain. From the time the Monkey was very little, my Dad was a huge part of our lives. He worked from home when we first moved in with my parents and inevitably they had time together that most Grandparents don’t get on a regular basis.

Today the Monkey and I called my Dad first thing in the morning and sang Happy Birthday to his voicemail. Later in the day we spent the evening with my parents, when I noticed my Dad crying. My Dad has never been a crier, well until old age that is…and it hit me. My Dad has other grand kids. My Dad has an older daughter from a previous marriage. My Dad has never seen his other grand kids. He has missed out on the lives of these kids and he has been the lead male role in my son’s life even when the Bio was trying to be present. My Dad was the Man in my Monkey’s life. And he still kinda is. But when the tears began to flow I felt the pain my Dad feels over the loss of his family. While he still has us, me and my sister and the Monkey…he’s lost a piece of his life. A part of his life is gone. And for what? A grudge? An end to a bad marriage?

The saving grace was the Monkey seeing Grandpa’s tears and hugging him until he laughed…the Men in my life are amazing I adore them both for how they adore each other…unconditionally.


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