Mama Dating: Party Gals & Date 2 with MK


Last night was eventful in many ways. (insert snicker)

First, I had a wicked cool evening with my Party Gals Mentor Madam Suz from @suztoys and my great friends Rachel Stoll and my BFF and new gal pal Diane from @hvnlyhealing….we browsed through product…orders were placed…wine was consumed…and I think fun was had by all. This is ubber important to me since I’ve been trying to get into the Biz and make this one of my huge steps in financial security for me and the Monkey. Okay, okay and it’s kinda fun to have that kinda stuff at my fingertips and if you know Me it’s totally my bag, so it’s a perfect combo.

Okay…to the stuff everyone is waiting to read about…

MK and I have been trying to make our second date happen for like a month…yes, that’s right…A MONTH!! So after a week of drama in his life and me having to be every at once he decided last night he was coming up here. That’s right, I got the text just as my Suz Toys party was getting underway and the giddy-ness began.

Now the lowdown…I’ve been working this through in my noggin’ for the last week. The distance is painful. The fact that we both have massive amounts of Baby Mama/Daddy Drama that can hit at any moment is scary. The point? I’m overthinking this stuff, likey daily. Sooo, after been thinking about asking him why? Why did he book me Mama’s Day sweetness and why did he try to have a surprise delivered to my hotel room in San Fran when I was complaining about how my day was going. Why?

Alright so yeah. I am pathetic, when it comes to someone actually spending time on Me.

Here it is…he got here last night just before 11pm…the drive from Dana Point (like 1.5 hours South) gave him time to think. Think about Me. Think about his situation with his Baby Mama. Think about what things could be like if we manage to get past our own individual hang-ups and let this just be. We met across from the Hotel where he booked a room for Beers at BJ’s…as soon as I saw him it was like BAM! He was sitting at a table killing a Beer and a girl was chatting him up while her friends sat at a table giggling.I did stand there for a second andlaughed a little bit to myself…but the BAM hit me.Yuppers. It was amazing. I like this guy. And yeah I’ll admit it he’s HOT. He’s adorable. It made me a smidgen jealous to see someone else trying to take over the driver’s seat. Bah. I hate sharing. Really, it’s not one of my strong suits.

Yeah, he’d had time to think on his drive…did I mention he livesffffaaaaarrrr away.At this point in the evening, we were just happy to see each other. But he had a rough week and had to get stuff off his chest. He needed someone to listen. It’s kinda freaky but I adore listening to him talk…usually it drives me bonkers when guys go on and on about their woes, but this makes me feel like a normie. (oops, my apologies for the program reference) So we chattered about our weeks. And by 1am and getting up on last call we had to make a call…hmm, call it a night or call it continued in his room across the street. Dun-dun-dun!!!

Seeing as how it could be another month since we see each other again I made the trek up to his room…he’s a gentleman. He’s a sweetheart. He’s in no rush to just be another notch in my belt. Which I’ve been way too honest about with him, just for the record. We talked until 3am. Made out and pretended to watch a movie. Lounged around like walruses until we passed out. Ordered room service. And had dessert. *wink-wink-nudge-nudge*. And since I don’t kiss and blog you’re just going to have to use your imagination about the dessert.

We spent the morning together and then hung out at my house while I tried to write the initial portion of this blog. MK and I are great together. MK and I are awesome in our own right. We plan on seeing each other again in at minimum two weeks. But who knows where this will go. In the meantime there’s another week to handle and kids to raise. I missed him the second he drove away, and my house seemed strangely empty and silent.

I’m exhausted…good night.


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