Happy Rockstar’s Day!!


Mother’s Day…Mama’s Day…the day to celebrate all the children we’ve brought into this world. A day to mark the beauty that is motherhood for those of us who are Mom’s and for those of us who have Mom’s in our lives…

Being a Single Mom can suck. Being Single Mom co-parenting with the Bio (or any other Bio) sucks most days. But today reminded of something. Today when I got in my car and drove across town the the forbidden zone of yuckiness, it dawned on me why I do this. I amthe Mama. And yes I could do without the lameness that occurs between the Bio and I and the shuttling our kiddo back and forth for visits and such. And yetbut without him I wouldn’t have this amazing little Monkey.

So on my third Mother’s Day, I have to stop and think about all the things that make me so proud of me today. I’ve gotten myself into a great job that was just supposed to be a temporary financial fix, and yet now I see it as something bigger. Well more than just a giant pain in the ass any way. It’s been a great chance for me to learn about myself and what I really can do with little experience and time. I’ve finally gotten my own place, thanks to my Mom and Dad for supporting me and showing me I can do anything if I just stop and let life happen. I’ve got amazing new friends…Mr. Not-so-BBG (his butt has kinda healed), Lucy the Loveless, Jolene aka @tbdetermined_09, Rachel Stoll and her Devil Lover, Melissa aka @mlane2000 and many others (I heart you all but I’ve had wine now),and I’ve regained some old friends thanks to some new perspective. Annnnd, I’ve sorta met a pretty good guy…but that remains to be seen.

While much of the hard stuff that makes being a single parent shitty, there are a few things that make my life pretty damn friggin’ awesome. Not that at some point this week I won’t be despondent over something that makes my life more difficult than it should be on a daily basis, but today I’m feeling pretty good. And while I’m missing my kiddo tonight and I am fighting back the tears because he’s not here for me to cuddle with and snuggle up with in front of some Spectacular Spider Man, I am blessed. I am lucky. I am friggin’ happy.

Thanks to everyone for the Mother’s Day wishes…I hope everyone remembered how lucky we are to have Mom’s in our lives…I mean it’s our job to eff it all up and show you how messed up things are, right?

114 - Happy Rockstar's Day!!
The Monkey on our first day in our new casa…Janauary 15th.


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