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Baby Mama Drama too


After almost two days of not hearing from Mr. Magic Kingdom my phone rang in the middle of my DVR viewing of Modern Family and I winced…but then rejoiced. I was honestly giving him until the end of the week to get in touch and then I was toasting his goose in my Love Brain.

But he called. Sooo, now begs the question…WHERE THE HELL WAS HE!!!!???

It would appear I attract smart awesome Dad’s who have retarded Baby Mama’s. Yes that’s right his Baby Mama is not all together great in her choice making when it comes to the Mens. And yes, as a girl turned woman I have done this too. Made excuses for Men just because I was afraid to be alone. Duh it’s how we learn. Make the mistake and move forward…then wash, rinse repeat until you get it. The light bulb just hasn’t turned on yet for this one. (and yes I know he’s probably reading this). It infuriates me when women (not girls) can’t jump or run out of their forest of mistakes and look back at the trees they plowed over with a bit of knowledge and experience under their belts…thus learning…growing…evolving. What makes it even worse is that she doesn’t see how this will in turn affect her kiddo. A great kid with more brains than most adults with higher education. So there are consequences to be paid and MK is dealing with some stuff today and for the next few weeks (??) but he’s got his shit together and he knows what his priorities are and that makes me all melty.

Bah. I’m on a Soap Box sortaand I can feel it teetering below my Boots. It’s a sore subject for me. Being in negative and destructive relationships and letting them rule who you choose to be. It makes me fume. Literally, there is smoke coming out of my ears…ask Rachel.

Back to my point…I worried all night last night that this was another HSD case. I was honest with MK about how that played out. How lame it was. How awful it is to be in a non-relationship with someone who is only physically half there but not really there. He agreed. MK understands that I desire attention on certain levels…BUT I understand his little girl comes first and I would honestly not date him if it were different. She is his world just like the Monkey is mine. And that is perfect. However I was firm and what I would put up with when it comes to the Baby Mama Drama. I will not sit around and listen to him grunt and groan about how shitty she is while I cancel a hotel reservation for our weekend away, and I will not sit and pretend I’m okay with her behavior causing discord between us. I won’t do it again. Never. Just like I won’t let my issues with the Bio get in the way of us getting to know each other. He’s not a part of that part of my life…thank goodness.

What I heart about this situation so far is that I know something is coming. I don’t know what. But I have a huge amount of respect for any parent that steps it up and takes care of business…and not so much for parents who flail with choices and don’t think about their kids. Booo!! MK and I are both in places in our lives where we are happy alone and finding someone would just be icing on the whole damn cake. And I think that makes this less aggravating having to wait and it also makes the distance not so bad. I know where his heart is…with his wicked cool liberal almost-feminist 8-year old girl. And maybe someday…eh, who knows.

Okay, so what have we learned? Women and Men need to learn from the past and move on. Men with kids who are smart awesome Dad’s are HOT and make me melty. I’m still in the process of getting to my second date with MK…*smiling*…so yeah, I’ve got something to look forward too.


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