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When a Man finds…



It’s true. Mr. MK found my blog. And we chatted about it the other night. Bottom line, I’m still gonna write for me and he might or might not read it. In his opinion it was ‘weird’ to read about himself but he loved my writing and that I have a creative outlet for the daily grind. That’s one of the things that’s growing on me, howhe encourages the creativity in those around him, he loves all my looney ideas for making money and supporting my little family and he loves that I even bother to try. He says, I’m ‘motivated’ to ‘do better’ and that he thinks that amazing. Duh, I am amazing!

How’d he find it? I told him about Three Minutes in Heaven. My business venture and Blog with Rachel. He was curious about our content and event and he looked us up. He browsed it a couple of times and then saw a link in my post on meeting Organically and clicked on it. Well…there you have it. It went straight to my post on meeting Mr. MK. Boo-yah!

How’d he feel about reading it? He was flattered and floored and a little embarrassed that it took his little girl and my son connecting for us to connect. But like me he doesn’t pay attention to the people at large. It’s tough to manage your child and then scope people out and in fact we both think it’s tacky to use your kiddo to fetch dates. Mr. MK didn’t mention he’d read it in case I wanted to keep it private for Me. But he wanted to address the issues in my post about his having Cashola Majora.

What does this mean? I’m not going to stop writing for me. I’m not going to worry about whether or not he reads this stuff. This is my life and if he becomes part of it then I’ll rethink the way I approach writing about the daily blah-ness that can come out relationships…like damn him and his toothpaste on the counter or he doesn’t load the dishwasher right. But then again all in due time, right?

For now we’re addressing out first, holy crap our lives are not aligning dilemma and its kinda funny to see how we both juggle things and work to make sure everyone in ourfamily’s has whatthey need. I love that his family is very important and that he adores his Mama. That’s ubber important.Imean if a guy can’t stand his own Mama then he’s most likely not going to be able to take on a strong woman likeMe.

There it is our first pre-relationship weirdness. Tackled and done. Woot!


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