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There are days when I feel like I’m the only person in the world who gets Me. Like today. I actually think Mr. MK found my Blog. Who wouldn’t Google someone, right? He told me to watch this movie. The Soloist. He said it’s a great story of how people can come together when they least expect to and really do good in each other’s lives. In his honest opinion he said it was the best story he’d experienced about how life brings unexpected changes into the world we inhabit and makes things just a bit better.

Before I ran out for a new bottle of wine and to grab the movie from Redbox we chatted about our lives and how different they really truly are and how that might play into our getting to know each other. Hespoke tome like he’d read my last post.See that’s why I think he’s found Me. The Mama. The Blogging Mama. Does it matter? I suppose not. It’s all just me. My words and my feelings and my heart out there. For all of you dear hearts to read.

By the end of our talk, he wanted to make sure I knew that no matter how much money he makes or how many toys he buys he’s just him. He’s this guy who likes to read random books from 2nd hand stores and write post-it notes to leave on his fridge as reminders for the next day. He’s just a guy. Oh and he likes me so far.

This movie showed me something. No matter how bad one person might have it, there can be Hope. There can be a light at the end of a very scary tunnel. There can be life beyond what we think defines us entirely. Darkness of mind and spirit does not mean there is an end to the light that drives us when we’re so young and full of idealism and devotion.

It’s a beautiful thing to find someone who is willing to dig deeper than the surface tarnish to view the real person. I’m not sure that Mr. MK is going to be that person. But I adore that even if he did find this Blog he didn’t judge it or take it for something it isn’t. Because it’s not for him or anyone else. It’s just about Me. It’s the one things I have that I do for Me only.

I hope everyone I know and love has found that kind of devotion…friendship.


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