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PSA: Butt-Dialing Hurts


My life is never short of some kind of weirdness, usually it dies down for a bit and then it pops up randomly out of nowhere. Just like last night. I was minding my own business and kicking it with the Monkey when I got a phone call. Checked the number and not familiar. IGNORE. I never answer my cell if it’s a number I don’t recognize. NEVER. Well then I went about my night with not a second thought about the call until I realized there was a message. Yup, message. Hmm, who could it be. After listening to the message I was sure it was just a random wrong number. It was garbled and vague and not an actual message for me. Maybe a Butt-Dial?? Then I began the exploration. I Googled the area code and it hit me. MOUNTAIN MAN!!! That’s right I got a Butt-Dial voicemail from Mountain Man. It was hilarious. I had to listen to it three times to confirm one of the voices on there was for certain him. And I don’t know anyone else from Reno who has my phone number. Bizarre. Like any good female with a wicked curious streak, I had to ponder and relisten to the message and then played it for Gay BFF over Skype so he could then confirm that I was bonkers for even being interested. Dude I’m a chick. It’s what we do. Right?

Did I alert him to my discovery? Nah, I actually called Mr. MK after than and chatted with him about it. He thought is was hilarious that I had to be certain. Why didn’t I call Mountain Man? Well I have a theory about why the call happened the way it did. I have friends who call girls and hang up to then get a call back to find out why they didn’t leave a message. So if Guy Folk do it then women MUST!! @thecarolineannconfirmed this for me last night on Twitter! Did I want to call him (or text) and satisfy his curiosity if he was still remotely in my Orbit of Desire?!? A man who tells Me that his life philosophy comes to the whole ‘Work Hard, Party Hard’ way of life is not someone I want to keep in my Orbit. A guy who vanishes after a terrible Roll Around(thank you Cougar Town for that one)and then shows up months later as a Butt-Dial does not deserve the space in my Orbit. I mean seriously? Just friggin’ call me if you’re that curious. Even more awful was the fact that I’m pretty sure the convo my voicemail recorded was staged…all about calling someone who you desire and just getting it out there? Lame and did I mention HUGE fail!!!

This is my problem with these kinds of rouses. Just Man Up (even if you’re a woman then you know, duh) and make the call. The worst that could happen is the person on the other end of the line could still hate you for disappearing after a bad Roll Around, okay not hate but for sure you’re a douche canoe for pulling that chicken shit bull-honkey and blow you off. Considering the smooth moves prior I think it’s not that big a deal. I’ve done that. I’ve called someone, okay maybe texted just to feel out where things are at that point. But really why does it have to be game? Just make the call or don’t whatever. Plays game. Fine.

Wow, I feel better. *wiping forehead*

So fellow daters, I ask you is it easier to just let that curiosity fade away again or to make the call and just suck it up?



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