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Yesterday was a doozy! Just as I was settling into my workday routine with my work familia and beginning my workplace morning visit with Mr. BBG and Rachel Stoll about how ridiculous things can be sometimes, I got the dreaded call. The Preschool call. You know whenever the Preschool calls it’s never good. I mean if it’s not the ‘Hey your kid scratched the crap out of Jimmy’s face’ or ‘The Monkey has jumped off the slide again and might need stitches this time’. Okay so yesterday when I got the call from the preschool, I didn’t expect to hear the words, ‘the Monkey just vomited’. And being my kid it’s not like he vomited on the ground or in the play area outside, oh no he did it on the snack table. However, it was right before snack so at least no food was ruined. Right? Hello, major upside.

When I got to the school the kiddo was a limp scrunchy version of himself. Everyone at the school knew he was sick. The Monkey is one of those kids. He talks. He chatters. He will gab your ears off if you let him. My baby had nothing to say about anything. I think the most I got out of him was a whimper.

I know, I know. I never write about Mommy-ness (but I think I’m gonna). But this has got me thinking about my current state of affairs or lack there of for that matter. This little person is the whole of my world. Mostly, I’ve measure the men who come into my life by how they would interact with not just me but also how they might interact with my Monkey. Yuppers, I do that. I sit across the table from a guy and usually on the first date and picture this person at the park with my kiddo. Creepy because 10 years ago I would have been picturing something totally different happening at the park and there would’ve been no Monkey involved. But the reality of my life is that there is a Monkey and I wouldn’t change that for a thousand more 1st Dates. In fact I love my life. This kid who puked on every single towel and couldn’t keep a thing down to save Mr. Blue Clownfishes life yesterday is my Everything. Is that fair to the next Mister? Probably not. It’s probably the Kiss of Death to anyone who enters into this Mama’s life.

But like my good friends Mr. Charles has always told me, ‘the one will stand in line for all the Monkeys in my life and be glad to do it’.

As I finish up the last loads of puke-filled towels and sheets, I can’t help but smile at the lot that is my life. I know I’ll date again so don’t despair fellow daters! However at this point there’s a road I need to travel with the little Monkey Man.



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