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Here I am again. Post-Something Special and not feeling too worse for wear. Okay it only lasted about two weeks, but it was good for me to figure out how/why/what of me and HSD. It’s done. It’s over. I’m okay.

I’ve decided to delete my on-line dating profiles and move forward for minute without them. Does that mean I’m on another one of my dating hiatus’? Eh, I don’t know. If I happen to get a date then, Ubber Super Duper. But otherwise I’m going to give myself a chance to breathe and regroup. I’m going to work on my new business venture. http://www.threeminutesinheaven.com/ and who knows maybe meet some fab Speed Dating! Oh and I’m going to save some gold duckets for my trip to Vegas to see Joleneand Melissa,my Blog Sisters and meet other wicked cool bloggers at Bloggers in Sin City!! There’s just too much to focus on to sit here in some kind of misery filled grossnes. Not gonna do it. Woo!

I will take this time to focus on the Monkey, the business and the fun to come! Focus, girl!!!

So if any of you would like to take bets on how longit will be before I post my new profiles on POF and OKC, feel free to indulge…but I plan to at least make it through the end of the week.

And a special thanks to the above mentioned bloggers for guest posting on my and Rachel Stoll’s newest venture in Blogging and Speed Dating. Three Minutes in Heaven!!!


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