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Today after all the crumminess surrounding this week, the Monkey asked me to take him on an adventure. Before the new visitation schedule and the multiple illnesses we’d go on one every weekend that we had together. Stuff has been nuts. When my kiddo asked me to take him to Disneyland I had to not fail him on this one. The Magic Kingdom is a big deal in my familia. Ever since I was a little one my Mom would move mountains to make sure that we had multiple visits throughout summers and then birthdays and so on…in short my Mami rocks and I’ve always wanted to be that kind of Mom. The kind of Mommy who does whatever she can to give her Monkey the world. Today I felt it. And it was awesome.

During our lunch break from running around from Mickey’s House to the Adventure Park we met some friends. Well, Mommy got hit on by a fellow single parent and the Monkey hit on his 8 year old little lady. It was cute. It was funny and with there being no seating on the very crowded Saturday we shared a table. Honestly, I was feeling ubber adorable today and dressed smidgen Bohemian for our outing. Layers serve me well. He was tallish, scruffy and had a pair of eyes on him for sureand had thatedge sorta after punk rock has left the building. Adorable. Totally adorable. Not to mention he loved his little girl. His world in pig tails and knee socks…and she was funny and cute and smart. She kept the Monkey more than entertained with apple slice sword fights and showing him how to paint with ketchup. We live in different worlds. He owns his own business out of Dana Point and lives in San Clemente to be close to his little lady. But he works in the artsy fartsy world and we had tons to talk about. Favorite periods, artists and work of our own. It was just impressive to have a convo with a person (not even factoring in Man-thing) about art and not feeling like I was teaching Art History for Dimwits 101. By the end of the luncheon I felt like a grown-up. An honest to goodness grown-up. He asked for my information even after we admitted that it would be tough to get to know anyonewith our schedules, the distance and only being available every other weekend when we are kid-less. Then I had moment. A really honest to G*d grown-up moment…I told him it was a chance worth taking even if we just ended with an extra number in our phones.

As we said our goodbyes and exchanged information, he asked how to spell my name and the Monkey replied her name is Mommy. And then it hit me hard enough to make me laugh out loud. I am Mommy. As I spent the rest of my Monkey Adventure Day basking in the Glow of Mommy I thought about my chance Meet Cute. This is the kind of interaction I need. Person-to-person meetings in my element. Okay so while hanging out in Fairy Tale Land may not be the ideal element for most but for me it’s one of my places. It’s something I share with the kiddo. And someone in my life would have to love that kind of silly and off-the-wall stuff type of adventure-like stuff and not cringe at it.

As I sit here tonight to recap the day, I am whirling. I’m a Rockin’ Mama and I do this part of my life really well. And that is what matters to me. I’m starting to carve out the real person I would like to see on the other side of my Teacup. After all is said and done while the on-line dating helped me figure out what I was looking for in a Man the only Man I had to look to for inspiration was my own Little Man…my Monkey…he’s the E-ticket for this Mama and he’s teaching me who I am and what I really do deserve in all aspects of life.

So with that I bid you all goodnight.

p.s. While I was typing this I got an email from the above mentioned.


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