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the Meet Cute Continues…


I’ve been up since 6.30 this morning. It’s Saturday by the way. As those of you who may or may not follow me on Twitteror are secret FB friends with me have noticed I’ve been sort of in a crazy way at work this last week. And yes I was at work today at a secret off-site location working with my favorite customer (no sarcasm; I really do love her). Alright so being stuck in Anaheim without the Monkey blows because our favorite place is just down the street…the D-land. But it kinda helped my cause sinceinthe lastweek I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Mr. Magic Kingdom over the phone and email and texts. He’s very amazing. As we’ve gotten to know each other I’ve learned a lot about him. He’s a great Dad. He’s extremely into his craft. He loves art. He wants more kids. He’s very successful. He’s not going to give me crap for having a kid. He’s a planner (like me). He’s ambitious. From this side he seems like a great catch. My apprehension only lies in his past experiences and my own experience with how the past creeps up on you when you least expect it…and that he lives a totally different kind of life. I’m not rich. Never been. Might never be. Ever. He’s got a house in San Clemente, a sail boat, a townhouse in San Diego and some other stuff that makes Me let thoughts of inadequacy creep in and take over. But he’s not a bragger…like look at all the shit I’ve got or anything. So it’s just me. Duh, I know that I’ve still got issues.

So with that all being said, I had a sorta date tonight. After all day working and working, I met up with Mr. MK who drove up to Fullerton where I’m staying to meet me. It’s our only chance to see each other kiddo free for another two weeks and neither of us really wanted to wait.

Details…the Pub was cool-ish. Tons of college kids, which I expected given the area and we were both exhausted from our days. But when I saw him it was like the dorky excitement that takes over when you’re first getting to know someone. Our conversation was friggin’ out of this world. We laughed and joked andit flowed…the waitress asked us how long we’d been dating. At this rate things look good. He’s a polite and sweet and adorable and not in a forced way. He ordered my drinks for me once I knew what I wanted and then even ordered some food just in case I was hungry when I jumped out of my seat for a quick pee break. He got up when I left the table and adjusted my seat for me when Isat back down. While these all could be justthe niceties of getting to know someone, it was wicked cool.He asked me tonight if he could come up to see me the next time we meet up…in two weeks…two weeks seems like forever.And yet it looks like I’m going to do the semi-long distance thing and get toknow this guy for a bit.

As for the previously mentioned dilemmas…Mr. San Diego will have to wait. I’m not sure how I feel about the whole thing about reconnecting. I worry that it’d be just a repeat of the past. For now I will wait on that one. But as for the Crush…who knows what could happen with that one.

And here we go again…more soon.


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