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Welcome to my Life!!! There’s always something happening.

I’ve spent this week running around for work and dying for the weekend. Well my weekend won’t come until next week so that’s a crappy ass bummer. But I totally heart my customer so I’ll grin and bear it. With everything that’s gone on I’ve begun to re-examine a few things. 1. My crush on Hot Office mate (Mr. BBG is laughing somewhere reading this ’cause he knows) 2. My feelings for Mr. San Diego3. The new Mr. Magic Kingdom.

Since I decided to hide from on-line dating and decided to challenge myself to meet actual people in real, I really had no faith in that actually happening. But last weekend I met Mr. Magic Kingdom and he’s been ubber up and up and his communication with me and trying to get to know me. In fact we have tons in common and he’s even asking me to put aside in May to come with himto an art show specifically for dealers and artistsfor a weekend.Will we make it that far? I’m not even sure. But I’d like to think that someone who is this into planning the details and has this kind of grasp on how tough it is to be a single parent and respects that well, I guess I owe it to me to find out where it could go. Right? But I’m still not on-line dating. I’m really not. The fact that I even met someone in my element shows me it can be done. There are Men out there, I just have to work on how I handle being approached. Pretty often I think my reaction is ‘What the Hell do you want from me?’…which is probably not too attractive or welcoming. So I’ll work on that one. Ugh. Eck and so forth…

Now onto the feelings for Mr. SD. Yes, he’s been in my life since I was 21 and young and stupid and able to throw myself into something without thinking about the consequences. In fact he was a challenge and something I had to conquer. I believe the only reason we met was because he came to see his Old Flame aka my Friend for her 21st Birthday and that to me was reason enough to snag him. Jeez I was shallow and evil. Well at least the evil part of me has diminished. (get it I know I’m still shallow-ish). I digress. Mr. SD is one of those guys who is sweet and silly but has flaws that prevent me from seeing him as the One. But he’s there always. He really has been. So…what are the flaws? Not my business to divulge them, but it’s one of those things that makes me think he’s not serious about being a grown-up. That he couldn’t hack the responsibility of being part of a family type situation. Let’s just say he enjoys his Rumpy (shots not actual rump/bootie/ass). He’s also pushing to see me this weekend because he’s off work and can/will meet me anywhere.To talk. Just to see me.I’ll be in Anaheim so I don’t know. I’ll be working so I think it’s not the right time.

What would my dear bloggy buddies do? HELP???

And finally, the Crush!!While I have strict rules about and pardon my french, ‘shitting where I eat’ and this has been a rule my darling father put in my head when I was entering the workforce at 15 years of youngness. And it stuck. I’ve been tempted to date/jump/make out with co-workers in the past but have always refrained from it for fear of ruining my workplace. But for the past almost year, I have shared an office with a very adorable German co-worker. We don’t work on the same team. We’ve never worked on the same project. And Holy Hot Kats, he’s just adorable. I’ve joked about this with Mr. BBG because he’s known the Crush longer than I have and he’s got alleged stories so I know once Mr. BBG reads this post there will be razzing!! But the Crush is just…argh!!! So last night Rachel and the Crush and I went to Mojito’s for well some drinks and Happy Hour yummy treats. After a few drinks the convo turned interesting, well we jumped straight from work chatter to Let’s Talk about Sex chatter and he claimed he’s never had one of the encounter that others allege. So more curious even was he lack of ability to pick what really turns him on, well I think we were pestering him to see if he had a fetish. However he did admit he has a thing for legs and if I may say so myself…my legs are smokin’. And this was a previous topic when my favorite co-worked left for Singapore. Apparently my legs were his favorite and the Crush was there for that convo and agreed. So what the hell do I do now? I’ve got this really adorable German guy sitting across from me and all I can think about is….? ARGH!!

So I put this one out to the Blog-o-Verse! Have you dated/made out with/snuck around with a co-worker just for fun or relationship or whatever? How did it end up???

Looking forward to the feedback on my dilemmas…and spanks in advance.


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