the Princess and the Boy.


Once upona time, in a kingdom known as Westchester, California there lived a Punk Rock Princess. Completely hell bent on living life in the moment and taking anyone who would go along for the ride. She drove her little bleach blonde bootie all over Cali to find a good time. At one point in the journey she met a boy. This Boy was from San Diego and actually had dated one of her besties back when the Princess was a high school girlie. But she declared she would have the Boy because that’s how she rolled. And well a bunch of Rum and Cokes later she did…have the Boy that is. That entire Summer the Princess rocked Pacific Beach in style with the Boy. They fell in young Punk Rock Love and like always with the Princess she grew antsy and broke the Boy’s heart. After three months of cruising Garnet and hitting shows and sleeping all day and then smoking packs of Reds all the while, the Princess did the worst thing. She broke up with the Boy over the phone from her dorm room and felt like she’d never look back…

Flash forward 10 years later.

The Boy has been her one of her best friends. He’s been there through break-ups and breakdowns. Listened to her cry while laying in the fetal position on the phone when her college boyfriend walked out after way too many Malibu Bay Breezes. Helped her deal with the curse that became her relationship with her Baby Daddy and even fell in love with her kiddo.

Today the Princess lives in a Castle she pays for on her own. She let her locks grow out and they are a basic normal color. Although she hasn’t forgotten her Punker Roots, note the use of boots whenever possible in her wardrobe. But the Boy is still here. He still loves her. He still lives in San Diego. He would do anything for her…truly. Maybe he is the only Man who has truly loved her…no matter what she has done. Always forgiving her mistakes and mix ups.

But what will the Princess ever do with that love? Someday she’ll learn…right?


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