the Cowboy & the Mama

In the past weekish, I’ve had a few Dudes from my past make reappearances. Mr. S, Mr. San Diego and the Cowboy all have peaked there head back into my life just at the moment when I was feeling some hopeless angsty-ness over this whole on-line dating thing. I’ve been waddling through this whole patch of losers and not-so-loser-y gathering of Men and sort of teetering on giving up for now. (I do this like once a month btw) It just seems exhausting and like I don’t have the gusto for this kind of thing.

Each of the Oldies had a huge impact on my life during our screen time together in way or another. Each one contributed to the Me I am today in some way, but only way has remained outta my life for giant chunks of time and hasn’t really demanded much of Me. There were a couple random run-ins after our final break-up and he’s always been one of those guys I was kinda fond of when looking back at our time together. Enter the Cowboy.

Once upon a time, I was young and silly and dated random guys just because they had interesting features. I don’t just mean physical but you know things about them that I just couldn’t help but find undeniably adorable. With the Cowboy it was for sure his absolutely adorable ability to jump in and out of that sexy Southern Drawl. For certain it happened when he was a few drinks past legal and every once in a while when we were, well you know. Our first meeting was at a bar (4100 Bar). I never got hit on and was with one of my more gorgeous friend’s who I would hit on if only I were a Man. When the Cowboy took the stool next to mine I was sort of impressed with myself. He was Hot. He was from Texas…duh, hence the nickname. He was adorable. He followed me to a bar I used to close my nights at during my early 20’s on our first meeting and we made out by the payphone in the back by the potties. (the Dresden: FYI not cause of Swingers) Our first real date was awesome. There was sushi. There were shots. There was dancing on chairs. There was a walk down Franklin Avenue. And the best part…watching a fiesta at an infamous porn stars penthouse apartment until the wee hours. Oh and there was hot steaminess as the Sun came up to greet Day 2 of our first official date. From that night on there was six or seven months of it. It ended because I was 7 years younger and he was looking for something else. I was too young. I was not yet the jaded and pessimistic old Lady I am today. I had hopes and dreams and none of them included being tied down at 21-ish. Honestly, I didn’t blame him at all.

That time in my life was awesome. He was awesome. It was a great adventure and I cherish it for what it was. Never in a million years would I begin to think I’d see him again in this capacity. Our convo last night was top notch. The Cowboy reminisced about the young girl who couldn’t see herself being a Mom let alone living in suburbia with Strip Malls. He loved that I had grown-up. That there was substance to the idealist who used to spout off about love and materialism. He was thrilled that we had so much to catch up on when we meet up for dinner. That’s right, we’re having a meal together. At this point it will be good to see someone who doesn’t blame me for the demise of Western Society, wait I mean their own selfish crap. It will be a new adventure for this Good Time Girl and the Cowboy…as friends. (*wink-wink*)


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