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Update are not my specialty. Oops, I forget. But this one is special. So this weekend was full to the brim with stuff to do. However with the rain pending I changed my Ikea plans to having lunch with my BFF from High School and decided to get some shiz taken care of before my night out with my Lil’Sis and Bro-in-Law.

Rewind to Friday…I didn’t hear from Mr. New Guy until late in the evening and suffice to say he played the ‘Did you forget about Me’ card and that started the angsty ball rolling. I let him know I had a bad day and that my weekend plans had changed somewhat but I’d be in touch next week.

Saturday rolls around and I get random texts from him about not hearing from me and was I okay?? By this time I was full well into my prep for the Ozomatli show in Anaheim and totally confused by his texting. He seemed flustered at the fact that I didn’t schedule a whole hangout day for us on my 1st Full Solo weekend without my Monkey. Hello!!! We just met!!! Argh.

So I texted him back and let him know I was busy and things were going to be shitty for getting together until next week. Not at that point even realizing how angry I was at having to explain myself. At first I calmed myself with the thought that he’s just probably experiencing huge side effects from being inside all the time post-op on his shoulder. But then I thought about how we’d talked about this stuff. My weekend without the Monkey are tough for me and now that it’s two nights instead of one I’ve got stuff planned for all the upcoming one’s for the most part. AND how I despise the ‘what are you doing’ game. I hate that shit with a passion. You know I’m busy and/or that I have plans to do certain things and then you text me?!?

At this point in my life I am not a drop everything for anyone but my kiddo kind of girl. It’s just not in me. My son and my family come first in this world. End of discussion. Any new guy is going to have to earn that kind of treatment…lesson learned with the Bio on that one. So when this popped up with Mr. New Guy this weekend only 1.5 days after days after the 1st date. OMG!!! There is not enough IT Factor in the world to make me want to think about going out with him again. Sorry ladies…and some gents…I just can’t. I’m not going to suit up for that one this time.

Just not gonna do it.


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