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the IT Factor…meeting Mr. New Guy


Alright so we all know I’m shallow or ‘picky’ as my Mom calls it and I’ve skipped out on meeting guys because of height difference…shoot me! I’m a woman with a ticking clock in her mind. It’s the Devil’s work I tell you. (Note: always blame it on the Devil.)

But my meeting of Mr. New Guy as supposed to be casual and effortless because we connected really well via telephone convo and texting. He was honest about his current status of not working out due to injury and very blunt about how it made him feel. However, I was not prepared for how it would make me feel. Honestly I wasn’t put off by it entirely, because he was so honest with me about it. Had he left it out I may have been a smidgen disappointed since he seems to be a straight shooter for the most part. I struggled between finding myself attracted to him at moments and then oddly not at all during others. I couldn’t gauge my attraction factor and it’s throwing me off. Usually I’m very on target with a definite ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ but this time I’m just not sure…Argh!!!

The other factor of which has thrown me off is his sense of humor. There were moments where words just flew out of his mouth and I admit I had throw out the ‘not funny at all’ a few times just to make sure he knew where my boundaries were. And yet he’s honest and open to the point of almost brashness, which is something I usually adore in someone but mixed in with the inappropriate sense of humor I’m just not sure!!

Now I’m a girl who enjoys an dirty joke here and there, especially in the right company. And yet for some reason I’m just not sure if this guy had the IT that I’m looking for in someone. I’ll admit I’m intrigued by him and like watching a Monster Truck Rally there is just something that makes you stick around for the end when all the Big Trucks crash into little cars. Even though you know how it ends you stay just to be sure…this guy could very well be that guy for me. And do I really have time for that??

Is it fair to have a 2nd date and play the let’s-just-see-how-it-goes thing? Or knowing that this may end in misery and terror nip it now?Argh. Help.


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