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Mr. New Guy on Deck


Alright so the glutton for punishment I truly am has signed up for OKC and POF…(insert giggles and laughter here). I’m done with pay sites for now like the one’s I’ve been on in the recent past. None of the science behind the alleged matching has produced anything remotely close to a friggin’ Match! No I mean seriously it’s bunky (Monkey created word) if you ask me. So I took the advice of my dear from @SHSingleMama and signed up for the free sites to ‘let them come to me’.

And they did…nothing worth sneezing at, but they did swarm at first. Then I decided to take some quizzes and answer some questions and browse my local matches. And there he was…his tag line and his screen name made me giggle a bit and then I clicked away from his profile. It all seemed kind of lame and goofy. Then later that day I went back to his profile. There was something there and I discovered I was actually looking for a reason not contact him. Sabotage was afoot and it was starring at me in the face!! Here was this guy who seemed like a decent package deal. But there had to be something there…so on impulse I did the chicken sh*t thing and sent a lame wink his way. I know, I know Diptard crossing signs should be posted in my office.

Moments later he was in touch with an email.

Just quickly…
If we can remember back to previous tweets and blogging remarks, I was going on a self-imposed dating hiatus until further notice. This break somewhat inspired by my twitter pal Jolene aka @tbdetermined_09 and her own break from dating sites and just letting things be. But there is, for me at least, that inevitable desire to complete this search and find someone to cuddle with by my janky fireplace that sometimes lights and sometimes doesn’t or turns off by itself. It’s the dream and the hope that keeps me going back for more…and more…again I will admit it I am glutton and hopeless romantic.

…And we’re back…
So the first email was an attempt to tease me for not just sending him an email and mocking my use of the wink to make communication. HE MOCKED ME!! This stranger was taking my lame attempt to get his attention and throwing it back at me and with a roll of my eyes and an internal giggle I responded and the banter began. That same day my Mom got her diagnosis and from there the bad news piled on day-after-day. I was honest with him. I just wasn’t up for it. I wasn’t able to focus on anything but my Mom and my family and he got it. He said he’d wait for me and if I needed to talk he was there. Honestly, I thought he was just being nice. I really didn’t expect to hear from him again. The next day he sent me an email asking if we could exchange numbers and I explained my rule…so we chatted on every messenger known to man.

He’d send me messages to ask me if I had lunch. He sent me a message asking if I needed anything the day after my Mom had her surgery. He was there even when I expected him to bail and keep his options open. He was checking up on me. Then my Tio passed away on Valentine’s Day. And more of the same. He was still there. Waiting.

I caved and gave him my number. We’ve talked on the phone almost every night since the week after V-day, before I pass out once the Monkey is asleep. He understands that my life is in full readjust mode. He gets that my family is everything to me. He doesn’t expect me to be available to him on nights I have the Monkey. He’s looking for someone who puts her priority in order and takes care of them without second thoughts…that’s me to a fault.

I don’t get it. 24 days later and he’s still here…waiting.

Mr. New Guy is kind of brash and ubber honest with his opinion. He’s got a past that he’s not shy about sharing with me. I’m finding he’s a lot like someone I admire and I won’t write it or say it out loud but it’s kind of creepy. I’m not saying he’s it, because we haven’t even met. We’re scheduled to meet this weekend. I hope he’s a ridiculous as he sounds on the phone. He’s smart and witty with just a dash of that innuendo humor that can make a girl blush.

With all that being said I’m looking forward to our meeting…I am open-minded and over-the-moon excited for this guy to be the same person in real life as he is on the phone.

Wish me luck!


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