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Workin’ For a Livin’


While I adore my jobby job it is driving the passion right out of my artsy fartsy brain. I have no energy leftover at the end of the day to pretend I can paint let alone write my stupid book that has been ‘in progress’ for 2 years. I’m drained. I manage so many aspects of this job and the team…

My education lies heavily in writing and art history; and this job is nowhere near that field. I miss working with lunatic creative types at the Museum I used to work at who were inspired by life and how it moved around us. We looked at the youth of our community around us for next steps to change and make change happen daily. I loved that kind of urban life that kept me waking up for more every stinking day.

Today I make a money to spend money on life essentials. Food, shelter and clothes for the Monkey. But today I am uninspired by my job and it’s killing me slowly. There are people that thrive in this kind of field and love it for the off balance lifestyle it brings but I can’t find it. I can’t feel it anymore. I’m searching for something to hold onto here but I can’t seem to find what it was that made me think this would work for a while. I love it. But is it the ideal long-term plan for a Mama with the desire to create and change the world?


We all know I’m in the process of the slowest move in the world and with working out my budget I am okay on life essentials cost money, but it’s the rest of the bills that will suffer for at least 3 months while I adjust. So in a effort to avoid losing my mind I’m trying to earn extra cash…surveys, www.chacha.com, selling stuff from my personal collection and of course offering my services as a semi-guru of the social networking world to the peeps at large.

Thusfar, I’ve made little extra cash and can’t see that changing unless I sell a kidney. But I will keep the world posted on my progress and even post about the best sites to earn cash from! Woot.

Keep Hope Alive!!


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