Deep End & the Height Matters Update…


In my most recent posts here and here I’ve been struggling a lot with personal issues…past and present. Work is tough. Dating sucks. Or not dating for that matter. Being a Mama is the only upside. Co-Parenting is my daily reminder that my life will never be the same. I could go on and on and on…

But this weekend I moved into my new townhouse. My Dad-Man helped me out with the deposit and was one of four people who helped me move me into my new place. It’s amazing. Okay so even though there are and have been a few on-going glitches in the new place it’s Mine and the Monkey’s new Casa. I’m currently decorating so pics will certainly follow later in the week. It’s my new haven for creativity. It’s where I will blossom and flourish. Thanks to inspiration from my gal pal @SHSingleMama I’m working on finding something I can do to get my mind back into the Land of Artsy Fartsy.

I won’t jump off the Deep End.There won’t be any jumping up and down yelling at the Bio for being a ‘tard when I needed his support. I won’t quit my job even though I’m not feeling it right now. I won’t give up on my passions and hobbies that have fallen by so neglected.

I’ll turn away from the Deep End while carrying the Monkey off to the Zoo or Kidspace and ride off into the Sunset…

the Height Matters Update

In the above post I pondered the thought dating someone shorter than my ‘norm’. Well after I gave him my number he called. When I heard his message I didn’t get butterflies and I didn’t have this giant urge to call him back. And of course my desire to focus on my Mom and my Monkey prevailed over the desire to date.

This last Sunday night I called him back. We talked for almost two hours. He’s funny and sweet and we have lots in common. In spite of his fanship of the Cowboys I will give him a chance. More important I will give me a chance to see what this could bring into my life.


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