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the Height Matters?


As I move forward with my head first dive into the concrete pool is on-line dating I find myself not looking closely enough before I leap…anywhere.

There are three matches sitting on deck and warming up but the one who appeared to be most promising not only lives far from me (about an hour away) he is also only 2 inches taller than me. Holy Jeebus. Really? I began Open Communication with said Matchie Match only to realize after going through the eHarmony motions that he is only 5’5″ tall. Whoa. Personally, I’m used to dating men folk who are 5’9″ and taller, not a requirement, just how it works usually. My first boyfriend as an adult was 6’5″ tall and that was a smidge too tall in many arenas, seeing as I’m about 5’3″ (if I may be so honest). But this guy has many good points…steady job, loves his family, helps his single Mom sister when he can and is looking for someone to ‘make new memories with’…and he’s kinda hotish, too. But SHORT!!

Twitter Lady Friend @evewine101 shared this with me…

@lildevilmama I’m 5’10″…which narrows my POV even more. I say go for it, everyone looks taller with a good glass of wine in one hand!

Does height really make a difference? Could I be so shallow as to pass up someone who could the The One just becuase I don’t have to stand on my tippy toes to kiss him? Or even bigger deal because I would feel weird wearing my favorite Wedge Platforms during the Summer Months?

I’d like to think the new me is not so shallow and that it really doesn’t matter…and yet I find myself hesitating over the matter but not cutting him off because of it.

So does the Heigh Matter?


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