Pro 1st Dater


In my spare time I’ve found the eHarmony dating advice, quizzes and info section of their Self Help site for be hilarious. There are some old adages on there that I thought were dead and buried with my Moms Wedding White Go-Go Boots…but I was SO wrong.

As I’ve been wading through the site and find some of it helpful and some of it fodder for good chatter with my Gay BFF who thinks it’s an awful site for denying his people; I came across one quiz…First Date IQ Quiz.

So I take said Quiz and laugh at some of the answers. And come to find out I am what they call a “Professional 1st Dater”. First I laughed…how silly…really, how to you become a Pro at something like that? Then the next stage set in and I was angry. And I quickly moved through the stages of denial and realized yes I am a “Professional 1st Dater”. Since July when I started doing this whole on-line dating thing I’ve been on more 1st Dates than I care to admit and most of them were disastrous. Getting matched by this random site is one of those things. They make you answer 10 million questions about your soul, lifestyle and what color your pee is in the morning and then match you with people who share your interests and relationship desires. Well I call Bullsh*t.

Almost every guy I’ve been matched with has had a different ‘relationship desires’ than me. Lest we so quickly forget Mountain Man and his decidedly strange twist into Mr. Work Hard/Party Hard. Okay that wasn’t eHarmony’s fault but Chemistry pull the same Quiz junk. While eHarmony did get closer with Hot Single Dad and it’s not their fault he’s currently damaged beyond my ability to repair, it poses a new question in my head. Does it matter if there’s a quiz or not? Do we need to fill out ALL those stinking questions? Who is benefiting from this process? Anybody?? I mean besides those who are poster children on their web page…hmm?

Alright maybe I’m just jaded because I’ve been doing this for so long and who really wants to be a Pro 1st Dater? Has the practice made this experience easier or just more tedious? Eh, I’ll let you know after my next 1st date.


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