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…just a Girl…or just a Mom?


Can a woman be both once she’s popped out a bundle of love?

This is not even one of those single Mama questions. Lordie knows I have zero time to get ready in the morning but is it possible to keep a streamlined girlie-ness when you have kids in your life? Okay I only have the one. But his Monkey-ness is not easy to keep wrangled when my morning routine includes more than just Wash ‘n Go.

I can distinctly remember one date a few years ago when I wasn’t sure I’d showered because I was beyond overwhelmed with my routine. Gross. But the honest truth. I sat there sipping my Mojito and wondering if I had actually showered…did I forget? Maybe but if it wasn’t on the List ‘O Stuff to Do it slipped my mind most days.

Pre-Monkey I would get up…shower, dry my long hair and then proceed to assemble the package of Me. Makeup. Hair. Ensemble. Now? Not so much. Take today for example. My hair is up…AGAIN. I’m wearing camo cargo pants that I used to wear with cute heels and now they are adorned with my ever prominent Chucks. Don’t get me started on the sweater mess I’ve put together with random A-tank I found in the mangled underwear drawer. And it’s a Friday which means I should have taken more time to get ready…Tuesdays and Thursdays I drop the Monkey at pre-k. Bah!

So to those of you who do manage to pull it off I ask…HOW THE HELL??


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