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a Stinky Moment


I love smells. I used to tell the Bio I loved his stink. Without any cologne or anything he stunk so good. But he always insisted on wearing something over that fresh scent and it drove me nuts. I love the way my son’s noggin has the sweetest little scent to it after a day of playing outside. I adore how clothes smell after being in the dryer with a Clean Linen dryer sheet. I could go on and on and on…there is just something about the smells around me that can make or break my moment.

With that being said…it’s been forever since a Man and his smell made my heart skip and my palms get sweaty. There were days before things got really bad that I could lay in bed and just smell the Bio’s side of the bed and be content with my moment. Life is funny. You don’t realize you miss those kinds of things until someone brings it back in your life. When it’s gone and you don’t realize it’s not there it’s no biggie. Life moves on. I moved on. And last night when I got to HSD’s house and he hugged me at the door it hit me like a ton of bricks falling at my feet. I could remember the first hug. The first time the scent was in my head and how it felt when he handed me that Rose while we nervously greeted each other pre-pie. Weeks later it has hit me. I let it in and it felt like something was clicking into place and all the little pieces that have been rattling around in my soul were trying to find where they belonged.

It’s moments like those that can really shape the rest of the world for me. I’m not a girl with lofty aspirations for my relationships. I like simple. This moment was simple. It was beautiful.


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