A letter to my future H*^&#@d…


Despite my love of writing and over use of may of the English languages fun phrases, I am by no means really good at letting people into my head when I want them to be there. So after many drafts of what my therapist (yes, I see a therapist–looney in the house & if you’ve been with me through the last 5 years you know why I go) told me to write to the future people I want in my life aka future H*^&#@d, children, friends, parents and many more. No, it’s not a dirty word but it’s one of those things…for me anyway.

So instead of writing my own letter to alleged future H*^&#@d, I convinced said Wrangler of the Looney to let me pick a song…the lyrics of songs tend to speak the volumes of feelings I can’t pick out just when I need them.

I’ve loved Joss Stone since I found one of her CD’s in a Hole in the Wall record store for $0.99 somewhere in Santa Barbara and when I stuck it in the CD player in Betty Too (god rest the soul of my departed Jetta) my drive home seemed like moments rather than an hour (zoom-zoom). And so when I looked through song after song to fulfill my assignment this song made sense and it spoke volumes of how I get when things are new and scary and full of bliss.

So in the first letter that I adress to my future H*^&#@d…here is my heart on the line in these words written by a woman with a beautiful soul and forwarded on by a woman with one of the mend.

Tell Me What We’re Gonna Do Now (by Joss Stone)

You don’t have to make your mind up
I just wanna take my time with you
If that’s alright, it’s alright
Oh forgive me if I get too shy but
maybe you’re the reason why, love
I’m feelin’ butterflies

Somethin’ bout the look in your eyes
Oooh it just makes me feel so right

When my mind’s void
You’re my joy
You’re the dream when I sleep
And hey I’m for ya yeah I adore ya
you’re everything
That I need
And I love how you love me
If I’m made for you
you’re made for me
It’s too good to be
So tell me what we’re gonna do now
Yeah tell me what we’re gonna do now
yeah yeah

Funny how my world keeps spinnin’
sometimes you can be so silly
You know just how to make me laugh
Ooh, your skin is so lovely
It moves me when you touch me
I know that you got my back
It feels so safe when you hold me
It’s already like you know me

Oh right now
See baby I love how you make me smile
Don’t leave please stay awhile
Let’s make this happen
I don’t care how


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