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the Excuses we ALL make.


Inspired by @singlemom75 and her tweets about her Ex.

I got to thinking this morning about how we ALL make excuses and/or blame those in our lives for the things WE know WE did WRONG. In my life, I’ve fallen victim to this curse of human weakness and it’s an awful feeling to not be able to be accountable for your own actions.

In the battles with Bio over visitation and child support, I’ve heard the mellow drama pointed in my direction and that doesn’t feel good either.

When I was part of an unwilling party in an ‘affair’ (whole other post and not sure I want to give him airtime — short version he wasn’t single and I only found out due to FB) I was told it was my fault for being so available…how that works, I’m not sure. But, I’ve found that when people can’t be grown-ups and face the facts they point those silly fingers at someone else and remove responsibility from themselves.

So, I’m sitting here wondering why? What has to happen to a person before they can make those steps to own their issues and choices? Is it only through therapy that one can remove themselves from the childish finger pointing and be responsible for themselves?

I guess for me, I’ve spent months talking to a objective 3rd party who doesn’t know me or my family or the Bio and has shown me my own rap sheet of misgivings and finger pointing. Not that I’m any closer to not blaming the Bio for the failure of our family, but I don’t look at that as a mistake anymore.



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