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Blood from a Rock?


Previously, I’ve been inspired by the dedication of close friends and comrades to the loves in their lives. But have I ever been inspired by the uprooting of an entire lifestyle to chase a love that was unknown and drastically new? To my knowledge…nope.

But, this morning I got a text from my very good friend who I’ve previously called the Vegetarian (need a knew nickname) that made my heart soar. The Veg is in love. A love that I have been praying about and hoping that her Higher Power was sending her because everyone deserves that slap you in the face fantastic love that makes your palms sweat and your heart race in your ears.

I won’t go into details of the How and Why, because it’s not MY story. But, today I feel like our paths and our stories are intertwined in this bliss. Putting your heart in your hands and offering it to a perfect stranger is an amazing rush that can’t be duplicated, no matter how many times you try or how many different times you do it. Since I met Mountain Man I’ve been wondering about my heart and if I have the balls to offer it to anyone. Let alone someone who I met and immediately thought he was not my type.

However, at this moment I’m sitting at work and staring at my heart sitting on my desk and wondering how it jumped out of my chest? It looks fully prepared to make the journey, but is this just another one of those silly times when I’m jumping feet first into the gorge of attachment just for attachments sake?

I hope not.


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