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Marlboro Man…wait no, Mountain Man 1st Date.


So it takes me a while to catch up with myself lately and write…silly, considering I’m not holding down two projects at work and raising a Monkey…I should be more on top of things.

Last Friday, Mountain Man (co-worker teased and called him Marlboro Man) and I met for a late-ish dinner at my favorite place to eat South Point Grill. I think it has become my 1st date fall back location. I love the food and they are always nice to me when they see me coming.

I was prepared to disappointed. Honestly, I let my Chemistry membership wain and now I had no clue what Mtn. Man even really looked like. So, all I had I had in my head was the emails we shared and the blue eyes I was pretty sure I had found intriguing. From my memory it seemed we had a lot in common…a desire for drama free existence, a passion for books and a love of the great outdoors. It took us three weeks to actually make the connection to meet in person…he was out of town, I was busy and then well it was his birthday. *sigh*

In my head I let myself be nervous but positive he would not be my cup of tea…and honestly, when I saw his scruffy face and shaggy hair, I was sure we would end the date early with well wishes and goodbyes. But the eyes had me.

His nickname describes him perfectly. He grew up in the mountains. He surfs, he camps and lives a few minutes from the beach. He rides his bike to work and attends Burning Man yearly (which is why he grows the beard). His voice is comforting and easy to just sit and listen too. He works for a high end sporting goods retailer and loves the environment.

In a million years, I would never have picked him out of a crowd for me…he was not a jock, he was not overly groomed and he was happy with himself.

At the end of the date we did share horror stories about on-line dating and how it can suck the life out of you and make you wonder if it’s just better to be alone.

He hugged me goodbye…one of those inexplicably amazing hugs that engulfs everything that you and makes you feel safe right in that moment.

What will the future hold? I’m not sure…dating is awful and scary and it’s made me realize that I either need to do it or not. Right now I’m interested in taking my time and seeing how this thing with Mtn Man plays out. I don’t have the energy to do the multi-man dating thing and I’m not sure I can.

Today I’m good with what’s going on.


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