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And then there’s Fillmore.


Last night marked the second date of me and Mountain Man…

He was having a crappy kind of Monday and I was just waiting to see him. It’s tough with the distance between us and my schedule, but it always seems that he’s content to hear from me and not make a huge deal about seeing each other all the time.

He has a life of his own.

We met halfway in Fillmore…it’s one of those small cute towns off the 126 Highway and just adorable. Kids riding bikes at the park off Central Ave and nothing stays open past 8pm. Amazing.

After hunting on-line I found a place for us to meet. Arriving at the same time we shared an amazing hug and I sensed his nervousness, right away. I was wondering if maybe he was just wanting to be friends and keep it casual. Remember, I over think things…

I ordered a Foster’s and kept to my usual nervous banter about work and my son. Talking about friends and feeling like I never shut up! Then, I threw out future plans for Saturday…and he was ubber excited by my suggestion and I was relieved he would want to see me again…SOON!

After realizing the bar was closing…at 9pm…we took a walk around the very closed downtown area. I showed him the train station and all the cool trains they have out.

End of the night. My heart was racing in my hands and I could feel myself ready to jet to my car. I hate first kisses and love them all at the same time. There’s this nervous fear and apprehension and I hate feeling like that…but, I love the feeling after of release that it’s been done and now we can move forward.

All I will say is that it was butterfly worthy…


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