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the weary dating traveler.


Post ‘crushing crush’ I decided with my Vegetarian’s encouragement to get out into the on-line dating world and give eHarmony a shot. I have registered and actually took money from the car down payment to make this happen…not a lot and it will be replaced. But, it has renewed my feeling that its not totally hopeless…at least for now. I’ve made contact with three men over the last few days, two were actually initiated by them, so huge ego boost. And, then today with one of my own accord today. This new brave step away from making excuses as to why I can’t meet people is going to mean I am doing something besides wondering when I will meet Mr. Forever.

I am not sitting on the bench anymore…I am going to be as proactive in my ‘dating life’ as I am in my professional life and just get it done.

As a single Mom, I don’t have the kind of time I did when I was 25 to go out with friends and be a part of a dating scene. Honestly, I don’t have the desire to be picked up by someone at a bar or club. That mentality is so far from where I am right now.

The contenders so far…

Mr. Mortgage Guy
Mr. Hockey Player
Mr. Bedroom Eyes
Mr. Brooding

I think the attraction seems most intense with Mr. Hockey Player and Mr. Bedroom Eyes…we seem to have similar needs/wants/backrounds. Ugh.

Getting communication from these gents is like waiting for someone to write you a note in junior high…yes, junior high, middle school came after me! It’s that intense giddy feeling that comes from hopping someone WILL look at my profile and find me interesting and thought provoking.

Today I went over new matches with my Veggie and we quickly got rid of TEN!! It’s a process, but I just couldn’t look at those free sites and take anyone seriously…so, if the work must be done…it will be done!!


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