the first conversation in years…


where I actually got nervous and laughed at things that were funny because I loved how funny they were. Not just because he’s cute and I wanted to impress him.

My funny feelings were that although we were messaging and he gave me his phone number I wasn’t sure it was within eHarmony protocol to use the personal phone number so quickly. So, I did the unholy act of texting…and, then ten minutes later he called me. HE PICKED UP THE PHONE and called me. It was refreshing to have a guy pick up the phone and say ‘I just really wanted to talk to you’.

Not that I hear wedding bells, but I heard myself laugh and found myself relaxing with someone on the phone…and, it’s been years. I felt myself feeling hope for the first time in a long time. I can talk to another human being on the phone and not ALL men are so attached to their phones that they have to text EVERYTHING.

So, today I have yet to text/call him because I’m trying to remain calm and not overwhelm ME with the need to move forward faster than necessary…

With that being said, I’m still waiter for Mr. Public Service to respond and have found myself contacting Mr. Music Man for details. And, so the on-line dating saga continues.


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