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Never met you love.


Here I am almost a week into my eHarmony addiction and I’ve found one guy who’s just interesting in ‘sexting‘ me with stuff and then, trying to be sincere once I tell him to knock it off. Exhausting and amusing because he’s so cute. I might just meet him to see if he’s really as cute as his Bedhead picture, and the Toon Town shot of him behind bars…ahhh.

And, one guy who is so intent on following the rules and being ‘guided’ through the whole process that I feel so drawn in. His ‘Must Haves’ are things like adaptability and emotionally healthy…mine are almost identical and I look at his picture and my heart thumps loudly in my head. It’s not that his eyes are this all consuming blue or that he looks hauntingly awesome in his hockey gear, it’s that I feel like I am looking at someone I know. I twittered about feeling you missed someone you didn’t even know and yes, Mr. Public Service has caught my attention and I’m smitten.

He takes his time responding to my communication and appears to not ALWAYS be on his computer…hence the two day reply time. He’s not eager to send me his phone number or meet me tomorrow for drinks and that’s endearing…

I’ve done so much of the flying by the seat of my pants thing, it’s nice to have someone want to take their time…someone genuine.

Am I drawn in because I have something to look forward to? Something nice that is just mine?

Me thinks…maybe.


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