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I was cruising the site Mamapedia looking for ideas of what to Blog on next…I’ve been so busy at work that someone said to me, ‘you should go get a massage’…so, I thought…didn’t I just do that? Umm, yes like two months ago. So, I searched my calendar for events and outings that I had done that qualified as ME time…nada…then, I found this question on Mamapedia…

How do other single moms find time to have time for yourself without feeling gulity?


I question the question…why does ‘guilt’ have to be a factor? I have found a happy medium between the guilt factor? I think as so many ‘single’ and ‘married’ Mamas have agreed the ME time is a prudent necessity of the Mommy…no matter what your status.

Personally, the harder part for me is remembering the ME time. My weeks are filled with work and rushing home to get dinner on the table and wash the Monkey that there is no ME anywhere in that time. Even on the days when I do have a break (visitation with the Biological) I spend my day doing laundry and DEEP cleaning the bathroom. More importantly how do you remember to score some ME time?

What I found is I try to schedule something at least once a month that is basically ME. One thing that essentially lets me stop thinking about the fact that my son’s shoes are definitely getting TOO small and we need to go shopping AGAIN for new ones and allows me to just be me. My hobbies were abundant before I split with the Biological and now I have seen a return to photography, coffee breaks and writing…it’s amazing what a little perspective (and therapy) can do for a soul.

Basically, just stop smell the tulips and take a moment to refresh that beautiful Mama soul…after all Mama’s need love too!


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