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Bills, bills, bills…


I pulled my FREE credit report yesterday afternoon and held my breath!!

Then, I cringed when I realized that I am only now getting a grip on the pain that is my financial life. Extraordinarily, there were SO many medical bills and student loans that I looked at some and thought, is that mine? Did I really get that loan for that? When was I hospitalized?

Yuck. I despise talking to creditors, let alone collection agencies!!! So, I have started with looking into Debt Mgmt. and how that would effect my credit report. See, the thing is…I NEED TO GET A HOME OF MY OWN!! I love living with my parents and how that has built this indescribable bond with my son, but I think there will come a time when I need some space of my own. Right?

I am working and working, and still feel like there is no light at the end of any tunnel. How do people with two incomes do this? I mean I am still bouncing back from trying to get my son’s Medical Bills under control…post preemie care is expensive!

So, I am hoping and praying for some kind of gleam…maybe even a glisten that will break through and help me get to my goal of total independence and freedom as a single Mom.


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