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Grandpa…I love Mommy


So, this weekend was a huge success…I did nothing on Saturday but, troll for deals with my amazing Mom at the Camrillo Outlets. All while trying to not worry about my son and what he was doing…if he was laughing or happy. Bah. My Mom is truly a woman who gives me inspiration. Since I was a child, she’s taught me that nothing is impossible and family is everything. It is for that reason that she took a part-time night job to help me with my son during the day, and I could find a better paying job and avoid daycare for as long as possible…she would walk through fire for me…and do ANYTHING for my baby boy. I love my Mom.

Yesterday, we spent the late morning with Laura and Jackie…we were all so busy enjoying our rousing game of soccer and admiring the Monkey’s Frisbee skills that no one took pics. I love that kind of engaging time. Where you are so filled with the moment that time flies and life is wonderful…

Later in the day, the Monkey and I watched Nim’s Island and had bubble wars with Grandpa…only to my surprise, the Monkey told Grandpa to stop. He hugged me tight and said, ‘Granpa, I love Mommy’. And, then gave the okay to resume our bubble making explosion. All the while, tears of joy filled my eyes and I couldn’t help but feel so caught in the moment.

I am loved.


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