It’s Wednesday


And, welcome to my garden…

I’m at a loss. I’m feeling like no matter how many times I tend to my side of the ‘garden’ let’s call it…that somehow I have to take Ten Hundred Steps forward to meet somone on level ground.

I’ve made my choices, I’ve done my work…yet, I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs…WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

So, for today I look at my garden and wonder…how can the work I did yesterday be undone so quickly?

I’ve made my peace with the past, and I’ve chalked it up to experience and water under the bridge. But, now I feel like the bridge still has an occupant that is looking down at the water and going ‘hey come back here’! I hate feeling like my life is under a microscope. I am me and nothing more, nothing less…I’m a Mommy, I’m a hard-worker and I love looking in the mirror and liking the woman I see mocking my existence. So, why, oh why does it still feel like there is that little bugger hanging onto my shoulder…messing up my garden?

Yuck. I hate Wednesdays.


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