Absence Makes the Mama Cranky


When I was single, I used to relish my time alone. Solo time. Those moments when the quiet would simply fade into writing. Writing would turn into Tweets and well that was how my world was created. This world. The blog world. It’s no news that I’m not single anymore. I found my Lobster in The Boyfriend. My writing has slowed. My Tweets are sporadic and my on-line dating emails now go to Junk Mail. It’s prolific and destructive all at the same time.

Tonight is my fourth night with The Boyfriend away from Fort ‘Le Monkey and my brain is spinning at just how deafening the silence truly can be. It’s amusing to this Lady Mama that the sound of The Boyfriend being absent is so unappealing to me now. There are points in a relationship where alone time seems like a brilliant plan to ensure sanity continues. Taking moments to enjoy the company of friends and family is important. The Boyfriend and are an unstoppable force together and we work so damn hard to keep the green rolling in, that a vacation is just what the doctor ordered. Except. Well. Being all well-intentioned and crap, I sent him on his merry way and now I’m sitting here missing his obnoxious ass.

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The Monkey and I have been spending our time resting and hanging out and then there’s Los Babies (aka the Parrotlets we recently took over caring of). Getting up every 5.5 hours to feed babies that did not come out of my body is not only tiring but it is sort of wearing me down. Down. Down. Mama has consumed more smoothies than I can ever remember drinking, and have enjoyed a bit of weight loss. No serious. I have. Okay, maybe. I haven’t weighed myself but my dress felt loose today so there’s that. We’ve been to the movies. We’ve built a living room campsite. We’ve escaped home to walk around town. We’ve watched 4th of July fireworks at the local park.

I enjoy my solo Monkey time. It reminds me of when it was just us and much I appreciate the growth of this familia.

While I am wildly in a state of wondering how I feel so deep in love with my Lobster, rather than devouring him and then leaving nothing but the shell, that I didn’t realize just how much this weekend would impact my regular activities. I am trying to accomplish all the things I forget to do when we are so busy. Working on organizing Monkey’s room. Looking at our room and finding inspiration to renew our space. Our teeny tiny home is itching for a redo. No it is. It’s tiny. Jeebus I don’t know how we all fit in here. It’s odd how mostly I just want to lay on the couch and watch TV and movies and not budge. But life goes on. Our life here still goes on. Have I mentioned we haven’t ever been apart this long? Oh, I may have. Anyhoo. Truth be told, I never thought I would be one of those girls. Rambling about how much I miss my Boyfriend and yadda-yadda-pathetic.

*twiddles thumbs*

*twirls hair*

There are only two days left until the Boyfriend comes home. TWO WHOLE MUTHER&%#%*@# DAYS. 

Tonight the Monkey and I will have date night. I’ll make us a pretty awesome dinner of stuffed salmon and wicked good kale salad and then I will cuddle up in my living room campground and sleep every 5 hours and feed baby birds just like a pro-Mama – cause that’s what I am. Please don’t try this at home…or do, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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