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A Slice of Sugarloaf

A Slice of Sugarloaf

This morning I woke up in the woods. I made a fire and saw this out my window…


Yesterday, The Boyfriend and The Monkey and me, jumped in the PT Crapper called Betty and ventured over the mountains and through the woods to Big Bear. Thanks to the fabulous So Cal Lady Bloggers, I connected with the owner of this fabulous retreat Prince Pines. This place is stunning and fabulously appointed. Upon walking into the cabin I was transported back in time to when I was a kid with it’s lovely wood flooring, stone stacked fireplace and full kitchen this place took me back. Love it here!

I’ve rented cabins before from folks, and have ended up in one room shacks in the middle of nowhere with a 35-minute drive to anywhere with running water. When I was a twenty-something that would have been fine and fabulous, but with a whole family in tow that’s just not going to fly. But instead of sleeping with the walls around us shaking from the slightest jostle of a breeze we spent the evening cozied up to this…

This much needed adventure is actually the first vacation I’ve had since pregnant with The Monkey. While I have definitely been out of town for a few days, this weekend was what I needed to clear the cobwebs and renew my soul. There will be so much more writing this weekend. I promise.


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