I was called a Motherf*cker on Twitter.


In case you all were wondering I am writer, a tweeter, a Mom, a part-time hippy, a domestic chef, a working Mom, a single Mom and oh I’m also bi-racial. What does that have to do with any of the other little personal tidbits I mentioned? Because recently, I was called a fairly offensive name (not outright) on Twitter for a tweet that called out someone else’s racial slur as absurd.

Peep the scenario.

Over a week ago a person I used to follow on Twitter used a racial slur to describe her joy over her BFF dating someone of a certain ethnic persuasion and how it made her happy she had ‘caught insert a color fever’. Umm, right? So that’s okay. No it’s not. But apparently, making a joke of the tweet in my own tweet caused some disruption in the force. I was called by someone who I used to respect a ‘racist’ in another tweet. That’s right, Mama was refered to as a racist. And event called a ‘M*therf*cker’ in another tweet by another passive acquaintance.

While I ran on the dreadmill, I thought long and hard about what I was going to do. First I apologized to the person who was wrongfully offended by a tweet meant only to mock the original crude and ridiculous use of a racial slur as a ‘term of endearment’.  But then I was unfollowed and blocked and so forth…oh well, that’ll show me to be offended. What the heck was I thinking?!?!

Here’s the question, is it ever okay to use racial slurs in reference to your significant other in a public forum? I say no. Is it okay for someone to mock your obvious bad taste and use of something so vulgar? I say yes.

If the Boyfriend ever referred to me as anything offensive relating to my Hispanic heritage,  I would dick punch him and we’d break up. And of course vice versa. I wouldn’t go around calling him my Paddy. Gross. Just not cool.

The tweet from the other person last week is gone. So I can’t share it with you here otherwise I would totally do it. In fact, I might still if I can get my mitts on it. I think what’s the most disappointing is that double standards exist when it comes to racism, at all. One person is excused for utilizing poor taste as a ‘term of endearment’ but I am criticized for making fun of that? I suppose though that this is why racism exists. Folks choose to bury their noggins in the sand and allow for bad behavior to happen around them. Excuses breed more bad behavior. Maybe the worst part of it is the person who tweeted the offensive phrases is actually a local high school teacher. That’s right an educator.

Ugh. It sucks that this is what brought me back to blogging. I will be back again and with less heavy material. Thanks for reading.

But to those of you reading this who have rejected decency openly… Pound sand.


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