Work it and Reverse it.


When you’re a parent you hope to expose your kids to the amazing things that you love. Music, art, movies, sports…it’s just a matter of waiting for the best age to start opening those cans of worms. Well, I often forget that the Monkey is umm, well little. So a couple weeks ago we had a dance party in the Hizzy (Mr. Awesome Shout Out) like we tend to do when the weather is shitty. Mama turned on the Pandora added a bunch of random artists to the seed list and eventually this song came on the laptop…

No big deal, right? Sure it’s just a song. A good damn song. I love me some Missy. She’s fantastical. What is frickin’ hilarious is that this morning out of nowhere while dressing for school the Monkey began singing the chorus to this lovely song and nearly made me pee my Vicky Secrets.

Here’s the most amazing thing about this whole event. He’s my kid and it shows. Now his Bio would probably flip that I let him listen to that song, and it’s not Punk Rock cause of course evolving past our days of punching in the pit and actually appreciating other music is just not okay. Phew. And we’re back. I love music. I love that the Monkey can pick up lyrics and run with them weeks later. I love that my son rocks his own shit and will someday probably be his own drummer.

And of course big thanks to Missy, I couldn’t do this without artists like her.


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