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Stand in the Rain.


This weekend totally has sucked. I’ve been sick since my return from the Windy City and have spent all weekend watching movies and sneezing. And like usual when I have time to sit back and think about my week, okay everything a movie usually calls out to me and makes me go Hmm. I’ve also not showered all weekend, and there is a giant mountain of tissues on the floor next to my bed. Just setting the mood.

And so I sat down to watch The Romantics…essentially seven friends come together because two of them are getting married. Only problem is that the groom has got two of the female friends all up in his business and he’s not really in love with the one he’s marrying. He’s marrying the one he thinks is safe. In the end rain ruins the wedding and the he’s left standing in the downpour with the one he really loves. And that’s where it ends. But in real life is that where it really ends?

I’ve manned up several times in my life only to have the other person turn tale and run for the easy out. With Mr. S I knew what our relationship needed and he couldn’t give it to us. There were lulls in communication, there were breaks in trust and there was a lack of all-in-all companionship. And yet I stood my ground and hoped that it would work out because it is what I so truly wanted with my heart. In the end I was left holding the relationship bag on that one. Just once I would love to have someone stand up and take charge and be present and accounted for in this life while standing next to me.

I’m tired of standing alone and holding people up without help, it gets exhausting. So, this is it people I’m just looking for someone to stand in the rain with that doesn’t need me to show them how to enjoy it. Someone who can choose me because I’m not the safe road to travel and because sometimes adventure is more fun planning every step.

Someone take away Redbox, if I watch anymore movies I’m bound to hurt someone.


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