I’ve been slacking on my Make Out songs…mostly cause I’m dying to make out with someone and every single friggin’ song makes me want to make out with most passerbys. Seriously, like I would have made out with the Leapster Frog if he would have had me. But, I digress.

I heard this song on Pandora while driving home from Anaheim in riddicio traffic and it made me think of the first time Mr. S and kissed.

Albeit it was fueld by a few too many Mojito’s and lots of flirting and denying flirting and then the very high school move of me trying to see if he was ticklish. Yes, I admit it. I went there!! It was the most intense make out session I’ve had in my entire life. If I close my eyes right now, I can feel how it felt to be in the dark of his living room and the way his hands held my face so tight that I didn’t want to move for fear it would end. How every breath we took made the next one seem further and further away…excuse me for a moment. But, while I enjoy my moment, please enjoy closing your eyes while listening to this Make Out song…


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