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Why don’t you Stink lIke Me?


It’s funny, but I’m not a super scent girl. I’ve never like perfumes or colognes, and even thought that some people over use them considerably. But, for the past few weeks I’ve become obsessed with an old spray tube of Gap Scent I found in my drawer. I’m terrified it will run out and I’m dying to find a scent that resembles it…considering the scent is no longer available ANYWHERE! I feel like a girl freaking out about this, but it’s one of those things…

When I wear it I feel fresh and clean like I just jumped out of the shower…which is great for days after work when I have to run to an outing with friend or Mr. Faith and don’t want to be stinky.

I think so far I’ve started to hunt down the best new smell to keep me feeling pretty and lovely and still like me! To date I’m liking Clinique Happy and Calvin Klein Euphoria…but, it’s a work in progress!!

Truly I think I amuse myself when it comes to things like this…I get my hair done, I do my toes during the summer and I like making sure my clothes look great. But, when it comes to perfume and smelliness I worry about being ‘too’ girlie or smelling like a ridiculous flower. Why do the little details like this always make me feel like I do too much work to be a girl…why can’t I just be a girl?

The hunt for my girlie-ness continues….



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