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Adventures in Slow Cooking!

Adventures in Slow Cooking!

Being on a budget sucks, doesn’t it? And yet, it’s the lame ass budget that allows Mama to make those wicked cool trips and excursions to places of thrills. Much of the budget planning has been with the food department in the Fort ‘Le Monkey and consequently teaching the Monkey to in-turn budget his portions.

Growing up today is not so different from when Future Husband and I were tots. Junk food was at it’s peak in the 80’s with snack bags, multiple flavors of Count Chocula and the influx of vending machines in schools. My Mama taught me to eat well and to choose my junk wisely, because indulging shouldn’t be against the law, but it should be done thoughtfully. Teaching our young padawan that just because food is there doesn’t mean that you have to consume it in competitive style like it’s the Nathan’s Hot Dog Challenge.

With that I give you Mama’s next budget planning adventure! THE SLOW COOKER!


We’ve already managed a pretty yummy with with a couple of my own off the cuff recipes and then my Mama gave me this gem. Seriously she gives me the smartest gifts. Starting this week, I’m going to be planning a minimum of three slow cooker meals to see how I fare with dollars and cents and how much closer it puts me to increasing the cashola in the bank.

I used adore slow cooking when my Mama would do it for us as kids and well some of these recipes will get the Mama Twist and Shout, but they do sound very yummy.

I’ll be posting photos on Instagram of my adventures in wrestling the food budget…so follow along if you’re so inclined!


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