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Training – San Diego Holiday Half Marathon

Training – San Diego Holiday Half Marathon

This week has been horrible in terms of half marathon prep. I got the stomach flu. I didn’t hardly sleep. And, well that’s about it but here’s a blog post about it anyway!

After a fabulous weekend in Santa Barbara, Future Husband and I were prepped for a wicked good week and then I woke up half way through Tuesday night’s slumber with a bought of horrible. Oh my gosh, shoot me horrible. This week has quite simply blown. Ugh.

As I was dying on the bathroom floor and then rotting from the inside out on the couch, I started thinking about my goals for this year and how I not only killed many of them but how I was indeed on the right track to continuing to make it happen for Stark Social.  When Future Husband pushed me to make my business into more of reality than only doing freelance work on the side, I was worried. However, like every challenge we face together, it’s a piece of well-aged cheese with some crusty bread.

Today I woke up and decided that a long run was due before next weekend snuck up on me.

So I did this…

Out here…


It’s going to take more than a little stomach flu to keep me from my goals. Next weekend, Future Husband and I will be dragging running ourselves straight to Torrey Pines in the San Diego Holiday Half Marathon. I’m on a kick to keep going and get as many medals as I possibly can. It’s not about the time or the race – it’s seriously about the action and getting it done.

Wish me luck!


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