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Relationship Reboot.

Relationship Reboot.

Kinda feels like this blog needs a reboot.

I’ve been struggling with writing. There have been the tiny dashes of product reviews here and there, the piece about The Boyfriend’s injustice this summer and well nothing terribly interesting.


This weekend, the Boyfriend and I took a trip. Up the coast to our spot. Taking a moment to breath and buy new Chucks for each of us. We’ve overcome so much together. Personal and professional adversity. Disappointments and injustices. Over the last almost few years that we have been a couple, we have become each other’s family. Each of us with our respective extended families who are in their own right amazing, and yet when we came to be “us” we both found something we had been missing our whole adult lives. Someone to grab you by the shoulders and shake the shit out you – only to tell you just how truly wicked fabulous you truly are in this world. That person who knows you deeper than any other person in the entire universe and knows that when others judge our choices, we have each others backs.

We are family.

The Boyfriend and I had an epic fight on his Birthday a couple years ago after we had only been dating for a short time. It was spurned by frustration that was brought on by people who swim on the peripheral and only need us when they need us. We regrouped and we came here. To Santa Barbara. To our spot. This time coming up here was simply to celebrate us. We are amazing and we deserve this one.

On our way up here we stopped for our traditional brunch at Lazy Dad Cafè for mimosas and foods. Back in July, while the Boyfriend was waiting for a CT of his noggin after being assaulted, he asked me to marry him. He said the most amazing and honest things to me and I tried so hard not to cry at the sheer fracking awesomeness of his words. With everything that has happened and his stubborn traditionalism we never told anyone. This weekend that all changed.

The Boyfriend will be henceforth known as Future Husband. Relationship reboot for the win.

There isn’t ring be to flaunt. Or an over-planned proposal (I’ve had four stupid ones) to share and I love it. It’s just us. Being us. We don’t play by other folks rules. There’s no conformity. I love this man and so does the Monkey.

Tonight we celebrate us and every day from here on out.


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