Feel it and write it.


When I started blogging it was for my soul. To relinquish the bad juju that was hovering around my heart and in my brain. A means to therapy for my brokenness and the way I made some fabulous friends. Friends who stood with me during court battles even though they weren’t there. Friends who offered virtual hugs no matter what time of day I tweeted bad news or frustration at my situation. Today spending time with my Monkey, it dawned on me why I did this to begin with.

To share my story.

There was a time when I wrote just about being a single Mom in the healing process…that was my story.

Then I wrote about dating as a single Mom and all the bullshit that comes of it…more of my story.

Today my story is haven fallen in love with the Boyfriend and raising my Monkey with him.

Somewhere in between there, I started making a little side cash with my writing. Copy editing jobs and social media management jobs came my way, along with a few paid posts here and there – thanks to some phenomenal networks and then at today’s event that was indeed sponsored by a brand, I realized that these things were a part of my story. Sharing in family activities with other bloggers and experiencing a high from knowing that they were sharing stories while creating new ones.

I’ve never really pitched my blog. Fortunate I’ve been to be accepted to networks and syndicated groups, but I’ve never gone after PR agencies and pitched myself for a blog opportunity. Everything I’ve ever done has been organice and natural. I’m so much more comfortable pitching my clients than I am talking about myself, and in the recent hullabaloo that got a bunch of people upset about this-or-that, I simply just don’t get it. The attacking each other and the berating of each other just seems so awful.

I love writing. I will write about post about today’s event later or maybe tomorrow. I’m going to start writing more. I’m working on my editorial calendar and will even have a guest post on another site which I am really looking forward to…renewing my passion…finding my footing…not forgetting where I came from.

It all seems so muddled when it’s really so simple. Just write. Feel it and write it. The end.


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